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From the Editor
V. Lazarev
More and again on international publicizing: back coupling or thanksgiving. The dissemination of international library and information service experience in Belarus as an aspect of international publicizing

2001, № 2

Dear Colleagues:

I have promised in the previous issue that some aspects of international liaison of Belarusian Library Association will be further discussed. I think it would be reasonable to note now that one of its important aspects is just collecting, analyzing and disseminating (among the members of our Association) the information on the opportunities of international collaboration. That means the information on competitions, joint projects participation in which by the Belarusian side is supported financially, fellowships, international conferences attendance that can be financially supported by some foundation or a special case program etc. – mostly in the format of calls for proposals. A good experience of dissemination of such information via teleconferencing was obtained by us.

I realize that such an experience is of a minor interest to you, but, please, realize, in your turn, that without such an activity the international collaborations of our libraries and information service units would be more difficult – due as to financial reasons as well as to still existing lack of experience. Libraries and information centers need to know the sources of possible financing of their extra-routine activity: no local sources for it really exist.

However, not only the International liaison committee’s members are involved in the dissemination of the information on “international opportunities”. A lot of other Association members share their opportunity information with less experienced colleagues via the teleconference.

So much about such “starting”, “prerequisite” information. However, it such an information is fruitfully used, it means that some international project is started, some fellowship is obtained, some international conference is attended (due to the granted financial support) etc. So, the grantees, in such a case, are to share the obtained international experience with the colleagues. This may be done by means of publication corresponding papers in newspapers, magazines and journals, giving the talks at conferences and meetings, by teleconferencing etc. Sharing the obtained information is the next step of the information support of potential international collaboration for those who is still not involved in it. Second, such an obtained information might be just helpfully used in the domestic professional activity. In case with published papers, it would be, third, a kind of back coupling with the bodies that had financially supported the corresponding international activity: if a grant-delivering organization (a foundation etc.) receives a copy of a published paper which content is based on the experience obtained as a result of the grant utilization, its officers understand that the grant was not given in vain. Fourth, sending such papers is a kind of a thanksgiving: a paper sent to a supporting organization and (or) to a hosting organization means that a grantee (invitee) did not forget its courtesy and generosity and that he (she) is happy to update it about his (her) activity on promotion this experience in the home country.

The people who act in this manner are supposed to attract the further attention of grant-delivering organizations as reliable ones, so such an activity is also a kind of an international publicizing of individuals. But, as soon as the data of such publications (that shares the international experience with the domestic colleagues) are available to our foreign colleagues (i.e. to You, Dear Reader, as well), it is already a kind of an international publicizing of our Association. (At least, I think so.)

Quite frankly, isn’t it. Of course, the above is just my personal point (in contrast to what was said in the Editorial of the previous issue), but I do not think that I am wrong so much. Therefore, the next item of this issue will be the selected bibliography of the papers written by the members of Belarusian Library Association that describe the international experience obtained as a result of some financial support provided by international or foreign organizations.