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First attempt of brief surveying of our professional magazine
V. Lazarev
First attempt of brief surveying of our professional magazine

2001, № 2

More than a year ago I seemed to promise to survey – in a brief manner – the content of the quarterly magazine of our Association, Bibliyatechny svyet [Library World]. The first attempt is being made now.

Why only now? It is not so simple to decide which papers could be of an interest to you, while the previous two numbers of this quarterly magazine did not contained too much papers that were to my liking, while I still search for objective criteria… However, the start is given, and with the experience being obtained, I think I could do it regularly.

*Quite a novelty! The National competition is announced for the 10 best papers in library science and bibliography science by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus. (Bibliyatechny svyet [Library World]. – 2001. – N 2. – P. 5.)

-The Belarusian Library Association President Vladimir Soroko reports some outcomes of the Association activity during the last 4 years (i.e. the years of his presidentship). Among the featured data the following are supposed to be the most important: the number of individual members exceeded 800 persons, the number of the Bibliyatechny svyet [Library World] subscribers exceeded 4,000 persons, i.e. became much more than the number of the all the subscribers of the Russian periodical Nauch. i tekhn. biblioteki [Scientific and Technical Libraries] which is read practically in all the countries of the former Soviet Union. His paper is dedicated to the forthcoming Elective Conference of the Belarusian Library Association Council to be hold this October. Proposals, ideas are requested. (Bibliyatechny svyet [Library World]. – 2001. – N 2. – P. 6.)

-Raisa Sukhorukova and Tatiana Osipova report on the International Conference “Perspectives of electronic scientific libraries development” hold in Minsk in December 2000. A lot of presentations from Germany were given; they are surveyed in details in the report. Among the financial sponsors of the Conference there was the “BIZ-RTV” Company. (Bibliyatechny svyet [Library World]. – 2001. – N 2. – P. 7—8.)

-The databases entitled “The Nature of Belarus” created and being replenished in the Central Scientific Library of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus is described by Tatiana Basinyuk (Bibliyatechny svyet [Library World]. – 2001. – N 2. – P. 9—10.) This is the most complete bibliography compendium of documents in Russian and Belarusian on ecology problems, nature environment and environmental protection. The search keys are: the author, Geography Name and key words.

-A good specimen of the paper written by a foreign author and published in our Belarusian magazine is the one by Robert D. Stewart entitled “Virtual library and the future of scientific communications” which first part (translated by Petr Lapo) is published in Bibliyatechny svyet [Library World] , 2001, N 2, P. 11—13.

-The archives materials of Belarusian librarianship in 1959-1975 are published as a separate book! The review of this book is the subject of the paper by L. Demesho published in Bibliyatechny svyet [Library World], 2001, N 2, P. 25.

-The last paper that draw the surveyor’s attention is the report from the Conference “Perspectives of the ongoing education of librarians and information officers” hold in Moscow (Russia) in December 2000. The reporting author, Irina Vasil’kevich, took part in this Conference. (Bibliyatechny svyet [Library World]. – 2001. – N 2. – P. 26—27.)